Purple Tie DinnerAn Important Message from Father Barry Fischer:

(April 28th, 2018)


Saint Joseph’s College Alumni Association Board of Directors joined the Phoenix Team members for lunch and a conversation in Drexel Hall following their Board meeting held today in Rensselaer.  Foremost in our thoughts and hearts is that I, and the Phoenix Team, express our sincere apology for the hurt that alumni, faculty, staff, and students have endured and may continue to endure. Today’s conversation was open, honest, and productive.  In the spirit of collaboration, our ongoing dialogue is critical to the future of the College and our plans to move forward.   

We realize the following communications may be difficult for some and welcomed by others.  In order to succeed in the Saint Joseph’s College renewal, I believe that the following decisions offer a solid foundation for the future:

On April 19th, based on the investigations and research of the Phoenix Team, the Board of Trustees made the following decisions regarding the future of Saint Joseph’s College:

  • The Board approved that the College adopt the model of a two-year program with partner institutions as the most feasible way to continue the mission of educating students as a first step to bring Saint Joseph’s College back into operation.

  • The Board approved that the College formally pursue a relationship with Marian University.  Saint Joseph’s College personnel and Marian University’s personnel will negotiate the details and present a proposal to both institutions’ Board of Trustees.

  • Saint Joseph’s College has developed an initial maintenance plan.  The following buildings have been identified as the footprint for renewal of activities on campus.

  • 1.      The Saint Joseph’s Chapel

    2.      The Father Banet Core Educational Center

    3.      Schwietermann Hall

    4.      The Athletic Complex (consisting of the Scharf Fieldhouse, the Recreational Center and associated fields and structures)

    5.      Drexel Hall

    6.      McHale Hall

    7.      The Residential Suites (Student Apartments)

    8.      Justin Hall

A renewed Saint Joseph’s College will necessitate participation, cooperation, passion, and most importantly, contributions from all walks of life.  Drawing on our past strengths and embracing new opportunities, we can not only revive Saint Joseph’s College but also position it as a revolutionary force in the landscape of higher education.

Fr. Barry Fischer, C.PP.S.

Rector and Puma Forever