Welcome to Saint Joseph’s College, an Educational Institution in a State of Reinvention:

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Marian University and Saint Josephs College to Collaborate on Two-Year College (Click Here for Full Press Release):

Saint Joe and Marian - Partners in Higher Education


Saint Joseph's College Reaches an Agreement on Sodexo Debt:

November 30th, 2018: The Saint Joseph’s College Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that it has successfully reached an equitable settlement agreement with Sodexo Group regarding a number of outstanding debts that occurred prior to the School suspending operations in May of 2017.  As a part of the agreement, terms of the settlement will remain confidential and all pending litigation between Saint Joseph’s College and Sodexo will be dismissed.

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Saint Joseph's College Reaches an Agreement on Outstanding Debt:

September 19th, 2018: The Saint Joseph’s College Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that after many months of good faith negotiations with its lender we have reached an amicable agreement that allows us to begin to move forward.  While specific terms of the agreement are confidential, Saint Joseph’s College will retain our Rensselaer Campus, Lake Banet, Drexel Hall and surrounding property where Saint Joseph’s began, and the Waugh Farm.

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Who We Are:

Staffed by a diverse group of dedicated professionals who all share a passion for the Legacy of the College whose roots began from the Indian Normal School founded by St. Katharine Drexel, this group, led by by Fr Barry Fischer, currently reside in the original building that St. Katharine built.

 Meeting the needs of the student of the 21st century while building a business model that allows for positive revenue and growth is a daunting challenge and The Team has been meeting with other Institutions, Local Business and Government Leaders, and the many Talented Alumni that all share our passion for Saint Joe as well as the belief that a lifelong process of education and growth is a fundamental need in our region and our country.

Our recently announced partnership with Marian University to launch Saint Joseph’s College of Marian University in Indianapolis is a result of those efforts to continue that mission.

However We realize that we cannot do it alone.

A renewed Saint Joseph’s College will take participation, cooperation, passion, and most importantly, contributions from all walks of life.  From the future student investing their hard-earned dollars in order to achieve their career goals, expand their mind, or challenge their spirit through a single course or a full degree.  Or educators willing to share their life experiences to help advance others. Perhaps the business seeking a difference-making workforce. And the valued Alumni who still believe that being a part of Saint Joseph’s College means being Involved for Life.  A vibrant Saint Joseph’s College will need help both thoughtfully and financially to continue being an educational presence for the next 128 years or more.